Contemporary Homes for Sale

Atlanta has a wide array of Modern and Contemporary Homes to Choose from.

These contemporary homes offer you the opportunity to be individualistic while living in harmony with the landscape and other surroundings. To learn a little bite more about Atlanta Contemporary homes, I have provided a look into what makes a contemporary home special and some of the benefits to owning a unique contemporary home.

Many of these homes feature exterior finishes that combines wood, stone, stucco and metal. Most contemporary luxury Atlanta homes mix modern architecture, open floor plans and unusual features like walls of glass, odd-irregular shaped rooms, tall- over-sized windows and ultra high end kitchens.Many of these homes have roots from Frank Lloyd Wright's early designs, but are slowly evolving into greener options, utilizing powers sources like wind and solar to become more eco friendly.

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Other features of Atlanta Contemporary homes include; natural materials, split levels, cathedral ceilings, exposed beams, clean lines, skylights, Solar and wind power, stainless steel accents and multiple rooflines.

Contemporary Homes for Sale

Contemporary Homes and condos for Sale